Finally Loving Life is a decision to celebrate life no matter what hand is dealt to you. To be encouraged and inspired to live now, love now, laugh now, and enjoy every moment NOW. Life isn’t hard; it’s how we choose to live life that makes it hard! Decide now to demand more from life. That’s how I started on this journey, I made a decision. I wanted to laugh all day, every day, whether I had tears in my eyes from disappointment or my cheeks hurt from smiling too much. I wanted to feel the pulse of life that would shock me and force me to get up every time I fell down, brush myself off and NEVER give up no matter what. Yes, I do have days where everything goes wrong, but I also have days where everything seems to play out like the perfect movie. I am blessed to be alive and able to participate in them both, the good and the bad, therefore I will celebrate them all! I’m able to do this because I am Finally Loving Life and I invite you along in this journey so that you can say the same!