I’ve had this blog for YEARS! Since 2009 I have dabbled in it, if you will, on and off. I started it because I needed/wanted a space where I could get my thoughts out and it felt/feels very therapeutic for me. At one point, it was very successful and then I started shying away from writing and allowed my career to become my main focus. I love writing out my thoughts and I struggled with how transparent I should be on a public platform. On one hand, I have gotten responses that it has helped others in situations that people don’t talk about, and on the other hand…do I really want all of my business out there like that? So this blog has been an online diary of sorts that displays the many tabs that are open in my brain and I just pour it out on here to release it to clear out some mental space. I love looking at it and I actually see the beauty in it but I haven’t quite determined exactly what is its purpose. I would like to think that others, like myself, who desire a space where they can get positive, uplifting, yet informative, and real content would enjoy it as well. It takes a bit of money and time to keep it up and I know I don’t really want ads displayed all over my site to make up for the cost. I also know that, for now, I like the idea that it’s out there versus private. It makes me feel like I’m talking to someone about things I probably wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable discussing in person. Plus, as you can see, I have a lot roaming around in this head of mine! This would be a lot to put out there on a daily basis in real life. I think I would drive my family and friends crazy! They already think I talk a lot! lol This has been my baby for 11 years so it is obviously needed since I keep returning to it. I’ll either find a way that I’m comfortable with in order to cover the cost, or I will put it on a private and free platform so I can keep the feel of it. Who knows? Life is literally changing around me from one day to the next, so let’s see what happens. If anyone is reading this, I hope that this site is beneficial to you in some way. Sending virtual hugs your way!