In the Shadows of My Mind Chronicles:

By the time this post, I hope that we are no longer sheltering in place. It’s funny how you keep seeing on social media, “Shut up and stay inside!” Like we are all experiencing this on the same level. I’m happy for you that you get to spend more time with your significant other and/or your children. I’m happy for you that your roommates who are also your best friends have turned this into a big slumber party but for some of us, this is a difficult period. I am a single woman who was looking forward to getting back in the dating world and then this happened. Talk about bad timing! Now I’m looking at the new normal where people cross the street when they see another person coming their way. We’re treating each other like a walking plague, not a very hopeful scenario for someone who is still looking for their person. I am a businesswoman who was looking forward to the new direction her life was heading in after getting her most recent promotion at the beginning of the year. I was informed the second week of the pandemic that my position will no longer exist from that moment moving forward. Maybe in the years to come but definitely not right now. That’s a lot to unpack on top of a pandemic, economic crisis, and racial tension. So please, be gentle with some of us. We are dealing with things that have changed and we are going through it without the support system that you obviously have. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to be mindful of the dark side of this. There are people, including children, who are trapped inside with physically and/or sexually abusive people, and being away from home was an escape. I hope the one thing that some people take away from all of this once it’s over is that although we are similar in some ways, we experience things in different ways and we should respect and honor others experiences rather than tear them down because you aren’t experiencing it nor see it. I just had to release this so it can stop rolling around in the shadows of my mind. To those who are having a difficult time and just need someone to release it to or someone to hold space for you and send some positive loving energy your way, just email me. I’ll be your person, no one should feel alone. Stay safe and mentally positive out there! FLL