It seems like everyone is thinking the same thing, time to plant our own vegetables and herbs! Here are 5 creative ways to label what you planted in that beautiful garden you worked so hard on.

  1. This is another way that you can recycle your cans by using them for other purposes. If you don’t feel like cutting the lid off, simply remove the can label and use the whole can. Label it using a permanent magic marker and your all set!

2. Wondering what you can do with those wine bottle corks? Well here is a creative way to use those corks instead of throwing them away!

3. Speaking of wine bottles, you can use that as well if you don’t feel like assembling the cork sticks. Label the bottle accordingly and you can even add a little water in the bottle before placing it in the ground to water your plants as they need it!

4. This one is my favorite! It would be a great project for kids of all ages to participate in. If this seems like too much work, you can always use plain rocks labeled with a magic marker. Either way, it blends in perfectly with any garden.

5. If you have old spoons or just too many spoons, this is another way to use them. If you don’t have any spoons, go to your local thrift store or a garage sell and pick them up for a very cheap price. If you want to skip the hammered look and/or the stamped lettering, you can label the spoons as is with a magic marker.

I love the idea of using what you already have or items that would normally be trashed for other purposes. No need to buy more when you can use what you have with intention and creativity! FLL