Hi Finally Loving Life family! As you know, I am a jewelry designer but I am also a jewelry collector. I love finding unique pieces of jewelry when I travel as well as when I visit interesting museum exhibits but what do you do when you have a lot of jewelry but not a lot of space. Take a look at some of these creative ways to store the jewelry that is dear to your heart. If you like the idea but not the idea of a DIY, I’ve included some links to a different version of the item if one was available.

Rustic and elegant. Like the idea but not the work? Here is a simplified version of this idea and it comes in 2 finishes for you to choose from.
Creative ways to use those wine corks!
If you are really creative, you can even create a design with them as well.
Everyone has at least 1 ice tray that they don’t use anymore sitting in their storage space somewhere. Now you use it without throwing it away. I think this would be perfect for delicate earrings and rings.
Did you notice that this quirky piece used wooden spools? I found a pretty good version of this one here. I might get this one myself!
This would be great for those of you who have those white string of lights around your mirror! Just add the cards and your earrings are laid out in front of you.
This is a project you would have to commit to in order to use this type of setup but it does look pretty and organized.
Putting old items to use instead of trashing them.
I really like this idea, I may try this one when I get a new place with more space. Don’t want to make it? Buy it here for another version of it!
This is what I am currently using in my room for my necklaces. I didn’t make it, I ordered one like this and put it up.

What do you guys think? Let me know if you try any of these and be sure to tag me if you post it on Instagram or Facebook so I can see it! Have a great day!

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