942323_10201357992497973_887668709_nToday I was sitting back and feeling overjoyed by the fact that I have such amazing friends. I try to tell them how great they are but I don’t think they truly realize how much they mean to me. They shower me with so much love and encouragement that it brings tears to my eyes at times. Earlier this week I called one of my friends for advice on how to handle a personal issue that had been plaguing me for years. As we talked she asked me questions. She eventually led me to my own answer on how to handle the situation in a manner that was comfortable for me. I got off the phone feeling grateful, relieved and at peace. Last night one of my friends, being the great encourager that he is, was giving me sound advise on how to handle a business situation that could take me to the next level with my jewelry business. Today I tried his techniques and it instantly worked! It really is important that you keep your environment, and those that you allow into it, free of negativity and filled with an abundance of positivity. Everyone has bad days, but if you find yourself having more bad days than good, you might want to check the environment you surround yourself in and the people who have access to speak into your life. If you see things that need to change in any of those areas, including stinking thinking, clean it up or get rid of it immediately! You only have one shot at this thing called life, so make it a good one! -FLL