Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up and felt like you could conquer the world? A day where you looked at the greatest story ever told and said, Why not me?  A day where you tell yourself that you can do it all and you will! A day when you are overwhelmingly aware of all of your greatest attributes and fall in love with yourself, becoming your own cheerleader…even if it’s just while you’re brushing your teeth. It usually ends up being a great day, how can it not be with that much positive force behind it?  I woke up like this today. My mind did a small shift and my perspective took a giant leap. I woke up reminded of when Moses was going to face pharaoh; he wanted a name from God to tell pharaoh who sent him. All God told him was, tell him I AM sent you.  See God wasn’t trying to be smart with Moses; He just realized that there was so much that He could be called, and that He could do, that assigning a name to it would be little any greatness that didn’t fall under the describing name. I AM, is a fill in the blank statement. Whatever you need, or want…I AM! This morning when I got up I realized that God is the creator and whatever is in Him is in us, therefore I have the I AM in me.  I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am compassionate, I am brilliant, I am an artist, I am a business owner, I am…fill in the blank because what makes me great is unlimited. The I Am in me, tells me that I can’t be put in a box, and that my sources are unlimited, my talent immeasurable, my capabilities are infinite, and my territory is enlarged.  I AM isn’t bragging, it’s a moment where you come into your own. It usually happens when you’re alone and reflecting on any and everything, it’s an ahh ha moment, a light bulb went off, an undeniable awareness of who you are and who you are to be. A moment when you not only see it, but you believe it, except it, and something inside you takes off at full speed to make sure that you accomplish all that you are to BE. Next time you’re in the mirror, give it a try. Look at yourself and say, “I AM” and fill in the blank with something positive. Keep saying it and fill in the blank with something new each time, small, large, important, trivial, gifts, talents etc. Sometimes we don’t realize how valuable we are to others, until we take a personal account to see how valuable we are to ourselves. I can…I will…because I AM! Happy 4th everyone!

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