Today my buddy from inspirational woman on Facebook presented a question that got me thinking. She asked her fans to name a woman that had inspired them the most. Now usually most people name a family member, a friend, or even an old boss but I had to really think about that one. Then it hit me who was mine …Oprah Winfrey! I know I know, everyone loves Oprah, but I named her for a different reason. I thought about how much scrutiny her life was always under. Her weight, friendships, relationships, financial earnings, yet she managed to stay focus on what her PURPOSE was.  She didn’t get distracted by the naysayers to point where her quality of service went down. She didn’t let those obstacles stand in her way and she gave her best to the people that she was responsible for. She allowed me to see that there are two groups of people in the industry. Those that you were called to share your life purpose with, and those that you were not called to share your life purpose with.  For me this was very profound because up to this point I would get upset when someone made a negative comment or joke about something that I deemed important. I couldn’t understand how can someone see negative or make negative remarks about someone or something that is meant to uplift and brighten someone’s day. Had we gotten to the point where you can have endless discussions about the “Big Game” or the drama of reality shows and award shows, but one mention of an act of kindness or positive word can receive backlash? Is right the new wrong? Societies lack of compassion or tact left a bad taste in my mouth and a little hurt! So what to do? I wrote a piece called “We all need a little Grace in our lives” and I decided to exercise that fact.  I turned my grace over to people who couldn’t turn there grace over to me. I changed my perspective, I realized that anyone who doesn’t get what I do or why I do it, obviously is not my target audience. That my focus should be on the people who do get it, want it, and are grateful for it, these are the people who deserve my FULL attention. See for Oprah to help the mass amount of people that she did and to fulfill her purpose to degree that she did, she had to be focused on only the people that got what she was all about.  She allowed me to see that when you cast out your net, focus on the catch…not the ones that got away. Smile

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