So I was talking to a friend the other day and I was getting ready to tell him a story about something that happened to me. Out of the blue he said, “The abbreviated version please.” Instead of getting offended, I continued with the abbreviated version of my story and went on to have a pleasant conversation. After I got off the phone I came to the conclusion that I must get a little long winded when I tell my stories and this was his polite way of showing me some grace. I then realized how much grace is giving to me by my friends and family and felt grateful. This made me think of the amount of grace that I give to others, for example, last week I was helping my mom with her Facebook page over the phone…again. You have no idea how much of a task this has been. She didn’t understand how people could take a picture of me and tag me in it, but she was unable to tag herself on the same picture so she could have it on her wall. She thought that we must not be friends if she didn’t have access to all of my pictures and I needed to send her a new friend request! Fast forward an hour of me keeping my cool and possibly making a comment about Facebook breaking up a family, I finally went to her wall and typed “I am your friend!!!”  I then asked her what did she see on her wall and she sweetly replied “I am your friend!!!” and laughed.  Then she had the nerve to say, “Monica, I thought you were Finally Loving Life, you were getting a little huffy with me.” I replied, “I am Finally Loving Life, I didn’t hang up on you did I?” Just give some grace the best way you know how and recognize that others are giving it to you the best way they know how and everyone will have a better day! Smile

What are some ways that you know people show you some grace? Comment below or click here  for questions and advice.

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