Do you want to know the secret to happiness? Make peace with you past, have peace about your present state, and get to smiling about your future. Trust me, if you lack in any of these areas, it can hinder your ability to create happiness in your life. If you are still hurt or disappointed about circumstances or situations that occurred in your past, then you are always living in your past. You can’t be in the present moment while still looking back. How you act, react, and live your life in the present moment is a direct reflection of how you have dealt with things that have happened in the past. When you drink a cup of coffee or tea, do you just gulp it down? No, you blow on it or let it cool off first. You do this because somewhere in your past you have burnt your lips or tongue and you know better now. The experience didn’t cause you to stop drinking the hot beverage; it gave you the ability to gain wisdom from a negative experience so that you could enjoy it in the present. Have you ever been sick when you were little and someone gave you cod liver oil to make you feel better (If not, just know that stuff is nasty!)? Now that you are older and wiser, you use other types of medication when you are sick. You didn’t make a vow to never take medicine again based off of that bad experience; you decided that it wasn’t for you and to try something different. Let go of your past, learn from it, and move forward. Your past is there for one reason only and that is to give you wisdom so you can make better decisions concerning your present moment. When you are in the present moment and utilizing the wisdom that you learned from your past, you’re able to ask yourself the hard questions. What do you REALLY want out of life (you already know what you don’t want or what doesn’t work, thank your past for that one! smile)? What REALLY makes you happy? If you could do anything, what would it be? What are you passionate about? Do you like to cook? Are you really creative? Do you love to exercise or motivate people? Then why aren’t you doing it? God gives us the power to obtain wealth that He may establish His covenant (Deut 8:18). Your passion is your power; your purpose is His covenant! Some people wonder where they will get the money or time. When you are wrapped up in your passion, you will make time for it without even trying, because you enjoy it, it makes you happy. You will create time for it, even if it’s a little at a time until you can do it full time. As for the money…well, passion + vision= support and money honey! I’ve told people about my vision and because they can hear how passionate I am about it, they instantly want to know when it will happen so they can attend.  They want to know what my website is so they can get some encouragement about their life. I’ve even had people ask me when will I start selling the bumper sticker that’s on my car or t-shirts, because they want one! Find your passion and the provision for it to manifest will follow. When you are doing all of these things you can’t help but smile about your future. Matter of fact it makes living out your present state that much more enjoyable because you know that you are working towards an even greater goal…complete fulfillment. I’ve found peace! Peace about my past, peace about my present state, and I’m smiling like crazy about my future. I’m finally loving life! Decide to start celebrating your life now…it doesn’t cost you anything and the perks are fabulous! Smile

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