Everyone always wants to know how to fall in love. I believe that the only way to find love in or for anything is to first find love in yourself and in your life. You cannot love someone or give something your full attention until you have first giving it to yourself. If you don’t love yourself and your life in its current state, then whatever love you find will be dependent on that person or thing. If it doesn’t work out then you are back to no love. Love yourself first than no matter what happens in life, you will always be complete. When you love yourself you will learn to love life, and when you love life you will be open to all of the great possibilities that it has to offer. In order to love life you must understand that every day is a new day. Every day is a fresh start with a new beginning and clean slate. You get the luxury of learning from your past mistakes and incorporating them in your present situation in order to gain maximum results. Who doesn’t love a do over?  When you decide to love the life that was giving to you, you view every day as a second chance…and be grateful for that fact alone!

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