As some of you have noticed, I redesigned and restructured the website. I’m pretty pleased with it so far considering I did all the work myself…smile with a pat on the back! LOL Besides the new look and layout, I added an advice column, so for those who need a little pick me up for the day or just want to share some great ways that you are Finally Loving Life, you now have a section to do so. I will start writing again as well as answering questions and responding to emails next week. So flex those fingers, and get to typing. Look forward to hearing from you guys and building a Finally Loving Life community. The place where you can come to ask questions, get answers, share your ups as well as your downs, and know that someone cares, and is listening.

Do you guys like the new design? Leave me a comment and let me know, after all, this is all being done for you. Click here if you have a question, need advice, or just want to share a Finally Loving Life moment. Smile

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