Every situation that you encounter in life has two sides to it, the positive side and the negative side. Usually when things happen in life, we tend to see the negative side of it first. This is because the negative is always louder, more visual, and in your face demanding a response. Next time, take a deep breath before reacting and challenge yourself to see the positive side of the situation. It may take a minute to discover it, but if you do so diligently, you will find the answer. It’s easy to be negative about everything, being positive takes practice, patience, and diligence, but you do have a choice. Choose to see the positive in all situations and people, it may be harder, but it makes life easier and more enjoyable. Happy Thursday everyone!

Finally Loving Life family, what do you think? Are you able to see both sides of every situation?  Comment below or click here  for questions and advice. Smile