When I woke up today I had a feeling that has been with me for the last few weeks but I didn’t take the time to identify what it was. I realized it is the feeling of having a positive outlook on life and circumstances whatever they may be. I finally came to a point where my circumstances didn’t dictate how I felt about my life, but how I felt about my life dictates how I view my circumstances. I don’t view things the same anymore, some people think it might be taking positive thinking a bit too far and being unrealistic, but I would rather be positive in everything I do and deal with life the best way I can, than to get bogged down.  In Ezekiel 37:1-10, God has Ezekiel take an account of a current situation, once the assessment has been made He checks Ezekiel’s faith about the situation.  He then tells Ezekiel to speak to the situation and the combination of Ezekiel’s faith and the words that he spoke over the situation produced a manifestation of results. The last thing God asked Ezekiel to do was to speak life into the situation and then make a demand on the environment to support and bring forth what he was commanding to come to life. I look at my life in this way. I have identified the dry areas in my life and instead of getting down or upset over them; I now acknowledge them and observe them. Once I have accepted where I am, I then decide if I want to do what is necessary to get out of that current situation. With my faith in place, I make a decision… I decide to command that the dry areas in my life must live! I command that I will rise up in every area of my life and BE! I command that the breath of new life fill every dry, dark, and dead place in my life! I turn to my environment and I make a demand that everything that is mine, HAS to come to me.  When I’m done, I get up from prayer and begin to LIVE out what I just proclaimed.  You see, you can’t always wait to SEE something happen before you know it’s going to happen. Sometimes you have to walk like it, talk like it, live like it, believe like it all has come to pass because it happens in your DOING. I’m fighting for my life and life abundantly and I don’t take it lightly, so I CHOOSE to see the positive in all things because I can’t afford to get caught up in the negative. It is a slippery slope to depression and besides, it just makes for an easier and more enjoyable life.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that it will all work out one way or another and it won’t kill me.  It’s time to enlarge your faith, go take a walk around your valley of dry bones and get to work. Family will always be family, but they shouldn’t have the power to kill you Spiritually. You will always have bills, but they shouldn’t have the power to defeat you.  You will always have at least one person that thinks they are better than you and can do your job better than you, but don’t give them the power to doubt yourself.  This is your life, every time something happens you have the opportunity to choose whether you are going to be positive and maturely figure out how to handle it, or to be negative! You make the final decision on how you are going to react, so what are you going to decide?

What are some dry areas in your life that you want to change? Comment below or click here  for questions and advice. Smile