We all reach a crossroad at different points in our lives where we have to make major life changing decisions. It’s an overall process where we look at where we are and where we want to be, and determine how we are going to get there and are we on the path that leads to it. If you look at your life and you’re not pleased at your progression then you need to determine what is hindering you? Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it others in your life or perhaps it’s both. This is the time when you have to get real with yourself because sometimes what you see in you can be a bitter pill to swallow. What’s even harder is what you might see in the people who surround you.  I challenge you to get rid of everything and everyone that is toxic in your life. Everything has a season, a reason and a purpose, but when either one of these runs out it becomes a toxic situation, you’re unable to move on to the next level or task at hand until you drop off some baggage. Each time you go to a different level in life you have to travel lighter and lighter. This is so you carry in your Spirit what you learned in the past, but not the weight of how you had to learn it. So how do you determine what is toxic in your life? It’s simple! Ask yourself this question, “What characteristics do I possess, What kind of environments do I allow myself to be a part of, and whom do I have in my life that pushes me, supports me, corrects me, elevates me,  or celebrates me toward reaching my full potential in life and God?” Make a list of the attributes in you, the people, and the things that contribute to this. Whomever or whatever didn’t make the list, this includes some characteristics and personality traits that you have, start moving them out of your life. Anything that is a hindrance be it great or small, is still just that…a hindrance.  This is not for the faint of heart, but who said that this walk with Christ was? Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in how to go about getting rid of the toxic personality traits, people or things in your life and He will show you the way. I’ve found that my simple admittance in some cases has allowed God the permission to move it out of my life, other stuff I had to work on and pray on, but I was all the better for it. In the end it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it is the most beneficial. The bright side of this is that you just identified the characteristics in you that you should be grateful for, the environments that are beneficial for your well being, and the people who are truly a blessing in your life. Make sure you shower your time, attention, and focus on these areas; this is where you true blessing lives!

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