If you had unlimited time, how would it affect the decisions that you make? Would you want to date or commit to that person at this time? Would you be thinking about when you were getting married? Would you go back to school or start that business? Would you move or stay where you are? Would you still want to have children now or in the next couple of years?  Would you? It’s hard…letting go of father time that is, but factoring in how much time you think you have causes you to make some poor quality decisions.  No matter where you find yourself in life, you should always want the best for yourself. Don’t lessen yourself so that you can meet a need or desired situation, you are better than that. (SIDE NOTE: Now don’t turn down a BMW situation/person just because you like Mercedes either, let’s not get crazy! Quality is quality and compromise can be good as long as it is still at the same level of your desires. Just don’t accept a clunker when you really want a Mercedes, oh yeah and make sure you are at your Mercedes level too! OK, enough of the analogies, back to what I was saying. LOL) At the very least, before you make major decisions about jobs, finances, or relationships, ask yourself one question, “If I had unlimited time, would I still want THIS, like THIS, right now?”

Have you ever had to compromise in order to get what you wanted? How did it turn out? Comment below or click here  for questions and advice. Smile