Today as I was sitting out on my patio enjoying the weather, the wind began to blow and I heard something. It wasn’t loud or boisterous; it was a whisper, a whisper of great things to come. It whispered to my Spirit, it whispered to my Soul, it whispered in my ear.  It whispered, you’re worth it, go for it, you can do it, now is the time, you’re there, reach out and grab it, you are about to experience the best years of your life and your imagination, your dreams, your goals haven’t even tapped into half of what I’m about to do in your life.  When the wind settled down I felt goose bumps, they were my confirmation that now I didn’t just hear it, but I believed it.  The answers to your prayers don’t always come in a grand loud proclamation, sometimes they come as a barely audible whisper. If you are praying about something and can’t seem to find the answer, you might be missing it because it is in the form of a whisper and you have too much noise surrounding you. Take time out to isolate yourself from the day to day hustle and bustle of life so you can hear what God is saying. I believe the whisper that I heard was from God’s lips to my ears. I don’t mind the whispers of life, because before, I didn’t hear anything. -FLL



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