The only stability that we need is to be able to look at you and see that YOU believe it’s going to work out.

If we really really like you, we are hoping that you will proclaim what you want out of the relationship without us asking. We don’t like having the “What are we doing?” conversation either.

We want to be the headlining attraction in your life.

We want to support your dreams, to stroke your ego, and for you to be great at everything you desire.

We want to be your first choice or at least made to feel like we are.

We need for you to just listen sometimes even when you can’t do anything to make it right.

When we see you hurt, angry, frustrated, disappointed, confused, or sad, we feel it as if it’s our own.

We don’t mind if you’re balding, just cut it all off. 

We like to just be held when things don’t seem to be going right in our world.

When you tell us you will do something, we start looking for it to be done soon after.

If we say something isn’t right…trust us, it isn’t right, even if we can’t give you a reason right away.

We want you to lead, to be the head, to know that you got it and can handle it.

We want to know that we are on your mind and that you are thinking of us.

We want to help you get to what you want in life, that’s why we are called help-mates; it’s in our nature to have your back.

We don’t mind if you have a gut, just don’t turn around and complain about our weight.

We want you to WANT to ________, without having to hint or ask constantly. 

We need you to see our beauty, our essence, our uniqueness, our Spirit, and desire it constantly

We love to see you happy, laughing, and smiling.

We like it when you desire to learn all about us. What we like, dislike, our dreams, goals, personality and that you enjoy it like a newly opened gift that you receive every day.

We want to be pursued, even though some of us don’t act like it. To chase a man is never a woman’s first choice, unless she has hidden motives, other than that she always desires to be chased.

We ask you “What is wrong?” not because we want to bother you, but because we want to take your pain away.

We don’t want to be your only friend, but we would like to be your best friend.

We want honesty and truth without you cutting us so deep that we can’t recover.

We really want the ultimate commitment from you.

We want you to handle your responsibilities, even if they resulted from past mistakes.

We want you to remain faithful. (It is possible, go to jail for a while and see if you can hold out)

We want to make your house a home, we want you to look forward to coming home, and we want you to be at peace in your home.

We LIKE for you to communicate with us, but we LOVE for your actions to back up what you have communicated.

We love it when we meet your friends and they already know all about us.

If you can make love to us mentally, you pretty much got us emotionally, Spiritually, and physically.

We love to see God IN you!

It might not be fair, but we want all of this and more and we really want it without having to give hints or tell you.

Just thought you should know…

Finally Loving Life ladies, what are some things that you wish men knew about you? Comment below or click here  for questions and advice. Smile