Oh my gosh, I’m having the “it’s not fair” mental temper tantrum! Today is a day that I’m fighting the greatest battle that I spoke of in a previous post titled Patience. I keep thinking did I reach too high? Is this too much to accomplish by my birthday next year? Can I actually move and live where most people dream of visiting…. it’s just a lot. I’m so frustrated and out of my comfort zone, it’s unreal. Everything I do including putting this site together, I’m learning it literally by trial and error. One of those frustrating red lights came on in my car yesterday. I needed my check to be a certain amount at the LEAST and it missed the mark by like 40 cent…really… 40 cent! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back today as I went in on GOD and asked him what did I do, that I can’t get an extra 40 cent! Ok, so as I write this, it seems a little laughable, but that’s why I called it a temper tantrum. GOD asked me, “well do you have 40 cent?” I replied, “Yes, but that’s all in pennies and I would have to go to the bank to put in pennies, what are those people going to think?” At that moment, I got quiet and still as GOD comforted me. He reminded me that you can’t follow GOD/Spirit while looking to see how the crowd responds to what you are doing.  Then the Lord’s Prayer came to my mind, where it says, “Give us THIS day, our DAILY bread”. He did give me what I needed for today, and isn’t it a blessing that all I needed was 40 cent, it definitely could have been worse. Then I remember that Phil 4:6-8 tells us not to be anxious and to focus on only those things that are positive and of good report. I think I need that tattooed on my brain! Imaging a life where you aren’t anxious about anything because you already presented it to your source and you believe He will provide it, and then on top of that you only see, think, and work on things that are positive! When you are having a moment, you can’t stay there. You have to find a way out of the negative, and back into a positive state of mind.  This is how I put a positive spin on a difficult day so I can come out of my “moment”.  I’m having a, “I’m in transition” kind of day. I’m reaching for the stars and everything great that GOD has promised me! I can see how He’s with me, because things that I don’t know how to do, He has shown me how to do it, including building this site. I’m getting excited because by my 40th birthday, I will be living in a place that people only dream of living and entering into a new season, and a new level of living. Today a light came on in my car to let me know I needed to get some work done on it…whew, at least I know the warning system works. I wanted to say thank you Spirit, for taking care of my wants and needs this month and paying all of my bills! I was only off by 40 cent. I broke into my little piggy bank and took that right down to my bank, happy that’s all I needed. Thank you for taking away the anxiety of the new and unexpected and replacing it with the peace of knowing your Spirit will guide me all the way. Thank you for providing me with what I need in this day and giving me the mindset to see things from a positive perspective and focusing on all the great things that are happening in my life right now. Thank you…today is a GREAT day!