Today is a day that my heart hurts, my heart, my feelings, my ego…you name it, it hurts!  I sometimes amaze myself, because even during times like these I can still manage to find something to laugh about, smile about, be grateful for and praise GOD about! That’s the way you have to be in this life, if not, you will always be disappointed.  You can’t allow your peace and joy to be regulated by what people do or don’t do in your life, because when they show themselves to be just human beings that are flawed and make mistakes, your peace and joy will go with them.  I actually love moments like this because it keeps me grounded, humble, and grateful for what I do have. Whenever I feel disappointed in man and want to give up on the human race, I shift my focus from what I don’t have or isn’t going right to what I do have and what is going right.  I begin to feel blessed and realize that I may not have things the way I want it or the people in my life are not as close as I would like them to be, but there is someone somewhere who wishes they had my life exactly the way it is presently.  Keep your main focus on your true source and not man, man may fell you, but Spirit is watching over you.