If you don’t have at least 1 hater, than you aren’t handling your business. When you set out to better yourself, it causes you to stand out from the crowd, and trust me, there is at least one person in that crowd that thinks they could do it better than you or should have gotten it instead of you. I find it funny that they don’t realize that if this were true, than it would be them instead of you. Even Jesus had this issue, so you know you’re not exempt! Either you have haters or you’re living so low, even a hater can’t hate on you. So come on, let’s take this to the next level!

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4 Replies to “At least 1 hater”

  1. I really like this message. It’s a very good perspective on standing up for the right thing and not blending in w the crowd. We all are tempted at taking the easy way out of certain situations instead of doing what we really should and listening to that voice in our belly. With prayer we all can have the courage to have a hater!! =D

    1. That’s right Denise; we were not created to blend in with the crowd. We were meant to be a unique and different individual, that’s why everyone has a different fingerprint.

  2. Love this blog its something is truly inspirational..this should definetly be an oath that we must live by..;-))..Plz continue to inspire

    1. Thank you April, glad you loved it. May you always remember that last line when you spot a hater. lol

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