The end of the year always brings some form of evaluation. Either you are getting rid of certain relationships or things before the end of the year, or you are preparing your New Year’s resolution list. However you do it, it’s called self or life evaluation.  This can be a powerful time because it allows you to shed off the old and embrace the new, but what happens when the new is out of your comfort zone and the old isn’t what you want but at least it’s familiar.  I find that being out of my comfort zone while at the same time letting go of something familiar, is the most abrasive form of transitioning into a new season there is for me.  The tearing away of the familiar is painful and then being transitioned into a place where you don’t know how to maneuver around it feels vulnerable.  If every December evaluation looks like last December’s evaluation, then you are in a vicious cycle.  If you always pray then fast and then read the book of Psalms and you are getting the same results, you might want to try something different.  Seek a fresh word, a fresh revelation, a new way of looking and resolving situations. Don’t be scared of the new path that God leads you down, embrace it, take note of what He’s trying to show you and teach you.  Whenever you cry out to the Lord for a change in your life that leads you closer to Him, be prepared to be stripped of the old and to be led to the new in a way that you have never seen or experienced before.  Don’t let change scare you to the point where you let go of God’s hand and run back to the path of the familiar.  It may feel better when you get there and the path is more comfortable, but by next December, you will still be HERE again!

Happy Holidays!

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