How To Start Working Out!


 I’ve always had a love hate relationship with working out. I love the results, but I hate the length of time and effort you have to put in to get those results. That being said, I’ve learned that if I change the label or language I use to refer to the activity, it brings about a different response! I started telling myself that I was just getting out to get some fresh air or that I really needed to move around to get my circulation flowing because I sit a lot while working. My mind and body natural accepts the idea that blood flow and oxygen is necessary for the body and therefore it didn’t fight me on this logic. Plus, I made a decision to start working out first thing in the morning. Before I am fully awake, I roll out of the bed, get dressed and head out the door before my mind can argue with my body. I also decided that whatever I felt like doing that day was ok, as long as I got out of the house. Sometimes I walk around the block or around the neighborhood, but on most days, I walk around the lake near my house. I have different levels of options that all have the same end result…get out of the house. I am now working my way up to walking/running and eventually just running. The idea is to do something, start where you are no matter how small of a step you think it is, and build from there. Be patient with yourself and realize that your mind/body will adapt and push forward as it builds endurance. Just never call it a workout…so yeah, I’m heading out to get some air!                   


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