40 Days (12/9/10)

So I decided to do an update to my 40 days adventure.  I haven’t seen the results that I expected, HOWEVER, I have seen the results that would allow me to continue to do this pass the 40 days. I think that when I decided to do this, I didn’t take the time period into consideration.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas going on during this period, I found that I wasn’t able to be as consistent as I wanted in order to make physical observations as to whether this was working or not. When this 40 days ends, I will start using zenhabits on to the next 40 days to help me keep better track of what I’m doing.  Plus I will be finished with all of my visiting family and friends for the holidays and can then focus on the physical results of this process.  I can say this, I can’t wait to go to the gym now, I look forward to my eating regiment of healthy eating (there is only so much holiday food a person can take within a short period of time), and working on my new passion which is writing.  In my next 40 days I will have the time to document my physical results and share them with you as I continue on this journey.  I hope that I have inspired someone to join me and would like to hear about some of the things that you have found on your 40 day journey.  Happy Holidays to all and see you on the other side of success!


Finally Loving Life!


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