I am his Queen, and he is my King

A real man will do what is necessary to get the woman that he wants according to God’s guidance, and if he doesn’t than it’s OK.
That just means I wasn’t his Queen and he wasn’t my King.
So it’s OK to take your time to get to know him or be picky about who you choose because a real King will wait for his Queen.
It’s ok to tell him no I’m not having sex with you, because a real King will have patience with his Queen.
It’s OK not to see eye to eye on every issue, because a real King will seek understanding of his Queen.
It’s OK not to pursue after a man, because a real King will desire to pursue and court his Queen.
It’s ok to expect a man to be completely faithful and trustworthy because a real King will want and need no one other than his Queen.
It’s OK to be transparent before your man, the good, the bad, and the ugly, because a real King will love you just for who and all that you are, a Queen.
It’s ok for all of these things and more because a real Queen will not let these things be done for her without doing the same or more for her King in return. 

P.S. Only a Real King would have made it to the end of this poem. A selfish man-child would have gotten offended about all that was expected of him, while a real King would have been intrigued to see how this all would end. The man-child didn’t stick around long enough to see the true gift at the end of the poem is the same as in a relationship, she will be just as good to you for all that you show her and sometimes even greater!!!

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